Schlagwort-Archiv: 365/2009

day 55

it’s the last day of carnival today and we visited a carnival parade. it was amazing. they had wonderful costumes – I did some pics with my little cam and they turned out… Weiterlesen

day 54

no school today because of carnival. so DS could enjoy the night owl feeling and was up til midnight. he had a very creative evening and created some carnival hats for all of… Weiterlesen

day 52

we did 177 photos of the carnival party today but they turned out really bad. the lightning wasn’t that good. but anyway the kids had much fun! I did a page today with… Weiterlesen

day 50

okay, it’s my busy thursday today so this will be just a short note! Nathy aka cinnamon designs is coming out with a great new kit called Versatility tomorrow. I was allowed to… Weiterlesen