so why is it only free with a tweet or facebook-post?

this is the question not only me but other designers got asked and I can easily answer it to you

it’s because to earn a little thank you for all we do for free!

now why do we want a little thank you?

it’s so easy as well: we designers put a lot of love but also time and work into our designs and of course – that goes without words – into our freebies as well and guess what happened for a while now? I think you know it already: the freebies were downloaded more than hundred times but only one or two left a little message to say „thank you“ – we even get complains if a link isn’t working properly. seems like people have minutes to complain but no second to say thank you.

as a designer it really hurts


now we designers have to reach for a decision

1. stop giving away freebies


2. let us pay with a tweet or facebook post

so I go with the second for now and I hope you will be happy with my decision

now on to the fun – here is another freebie for you


and it is so easy to get it – just pay with a tweet or facebook

thank you