day 48 and the story of my flower

my DS created a flip-book at school. he isnt that happy with it but I felt in love with!

my DS created a flip-book at school. he isn’t that happy with it but I felt in love with!

how are you all doing? snow is melting away here – thanks God! but now everything looks grey and mushy outside and that’s so not nice. they supposed some more snow for the weekend but I have my fingers crossed they are wrong. we are celebrating carnival over the weekend and also on monday and tuesday. I am not so into carnival but the kids love it. I remember I loved it as well as I were a child.

some of you asked about my car. yes, it’s a real funny one LOL

I want this suzuki for a long time but it’s really difficult to get one in a good condition. this version is from 1998 and most of them are in a bad condition or they are so loved and wont get offered. but hubby was searching over months and one day in august last year he didn’t came home as I expected him. so I phoned him and he said he has another meeting. as he arrived hours later he told me: „I bought your new car and we can pick it up in a few days“ – can you imagine how excited I was?

4 days later we drove to the car dealer to pick it up. and this is how she looked

flower as I got her

flower as I got her

yes, she looked really nice and her lacquer was really pretty and in a good condition. so hubby told me I am not allowed to paint her. that’s what I normally wanted to do. I dreamed about painting my car by myself with lots of flowers. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem because the lacquer of such old cars ar normally in a real bad condition. but not so with flower. so I decided to get some flower stickers for her. I searched the web for some real cute stickers but couldn’t find them. I had an exact idea how the flowers should look like (yes, I am always a little special and crazy) and I couldn’t accept others. so we thought this will not be the problem, we gonna purchase some adhesive film and do it by our own. after some web searches and a big amount of calls we found out: no chance. you need some special adhesive foils for a car because of the rain and snow and the cold weather. and this special foil is way to expensive. the flowers would get much more expensive than the price hubby payed for the whole car LOL – so this couldn’t be the solution. okay, after all that he phoned a lady who is doing liveries. she said it will be no problem to do the adhesive thingie, but we have to bring the flowers. so I drew them, hubby got them into the computer in 3 different sizes plus the real big one for the bonnet. two days later she called and said: I am ready. come on over. so we drove to her and the session began. it took 6 hours to get all the flowers on and I myself told them the exact place for each and every single flower LOL

flowers bonnet

flower’s bonnet

so here you can see her bonnet. I don’t want to have the flowers similiar on every side. I had an idea of starting with a big one on the bonnet. it should look like someone drews the flowers on her, kwim? so there is this big one and than lots of them on the drivers side running over the backside where she has her big wheel. I thought this could be the perfect place to put her name on LOL – so everybody knows how my car is called and some people can say: oh heck, she did it again. what did I again? I named my car LOL – it’s something special about me because I name everything I own. my car, my laptop, my washing machine and of

flowers drivers side

flower’s drivers side

course every other technical thing. my cell phone, the cuddle toys and so on. I told you, I am a little crazy and yeah, I am LOL. the drivers side took us most of the time. it was way different to get all the flowers on it like the way I want it. we did them in three different sizes and colors and some are halves and so on. it wasn’t that easy and I think the men who were doing it were really happy as we left the company at 9 on the evening. end of their work day is normally at 5…. they told us to arrive at 3 because it will only take 2 hours to get the flowers on…. not with me LOL – I am such a perfectionist when it comes to beautyness LOL – at the end I have to drive this car and I wanted to have it perfect, kwim? so now to flower’s back

flowers back

flower’s back

I think it looks pretty nice. best thing is: you can see me miles away LOL – meanwhile everybody knows my car. so I never could do something hidden anymore. that was one thing I didn’t consider 😉 – so now on to the nearside of flower where we only placed a few flowers –

flowers nearside

flower’s nearside

it was way faster to get them on their right places. this was the side we started with and at this time the men were in a good mood thinking they will be ready until their normal finishing time LOL – now you know the whole story and you know my funny car without having snow on it’s top. meanwhile I got her some tailored pink seat coats. they look pretty nice and I just now realized I didn’t take a single pic of them. I will do that when spring arrives. hope this will be very soon because flower urgently needs a little fresh and springy air. I will open her top and let her smell the spring LOL and I will take pics of her super cute pink seat coats. so stay tuned LOL – oh just a sidenote: if I did everything right you might be able to click the photos for a closer version – if you are interested to see the cute flowers a little better 🙂

if this posting wasn’t infomercial enough please let me know and I will continue 😉 but I really think you will never ask me anything knowing now you have to read for hours about the whole story LOL

no new layouts for today. as I had only 1 hour sleep the other night I slept away at 7 yesterdays eve – and it felt so good!

have a good time everyone – hoping on the TDC blogtrain now!

edit: me again! I found this „stoeckchen“ on chantal’s blog and it’s so cute I decided to take part (sorry, it’s in german)

Was ich gerne sein wollte, wenn ich nicht der Mensch wäre der ich bin:

…ein Monat: Mai
…ein Wochentag: Samstag
…eine Tageszeit: die Nacht
…ein Planet: Venus
…ein Meerestier: Delphin
…eine Richtung: gerade aus
…eine Zahl: 11
…ein Kleidungsstück: meine Schläppchen
…ein Schmuckstück: mein Ehering
…eine Kosmetik: Wimperntusche
…eine Blume oder eine Pflanze: eine weise Rose
…eine Flüssigkeit: Badewasser
…ein Baum: Kirschbaum
…ein Vogel: Adler
…ein Möbelstück: Schaukelstuhl
…ein Wetter: schöner Frühlingstag
…ein mythisches Wesen: eine Fee
…ein Tier: Pinguin
…eine Farbe: rosa
…ein Element: Wasser
…ein Auto: VW Käfer Cabrio
…ein Lied: bis ans Ende der Welt
…ein Film: Frühstück bei Tiffany
…eine Filmfigur: Holly Golightly
…eine Stimmung: gut gelaunt
…ein Körperteil: Auge
…ein Gesichtsausdruck: lachen
…ein Schulfach: Deutsch
…ein Gegenstand: Laptop
…ein Wort: Liebe
…ein Körpergefühl: Zufriedenheit
…ein Knabbergebäck: Chips
…eine Sportart: keine
…eine Droge: Koffein
…ein Getränk: Prosecco
…eine Eissorte: Vanille
…eine  Stadt: New York
…ein Märchen: keins
…ein Spielzeug: Lego
…ein Land: Spanien

vielleicht möchtest du es dir mitnehmen?

jetzt aber tschüss bis morgen 🙂